Food Fights

From Farms To Labels

The bounty at New England's many supermarkets and farmstands belies an oncoming problem:

Who will grow our food?

To find out, WGBH News has partnered with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

First, we explore why New England doesn't grow more of its own food, why California may not be a better option for long, and why we might be able to get back in the game.

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Part 1
A creek that runs into Pacifica state beach in California.

We Can't Grow Our Own Food. Can We?

Nearly all of the food people in New England eat is grown someplace else — in far-off places like California.


Part 2

Children's Hospital Pushes For Local Food

Five years ago, Boston Children’s Hospital decided to go as local as possible to serve the healthiest food.


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Part 3

GMO Worries Outstrip The Science

Parents and lawmakers are forcing a debate over labeling foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


Part 4

The Gap Between The Poor & Everyone Else

More stores are selling local food, but the problem is those businesses aren’t usually found in lower-income areas.


Part 5

Startups Tackle Urban Farming

With farmland expensive and scarce, people — and startups — are thinking about urban farming.